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What is POP SMS 

As a specially qualified Aerin Medical customer, Kleer Message is excited to offer you the Patient Outreach Program (POP), an SMS campaign designed to educate your patients about the benefits of VivAer® or RhinAer®.

Once you complete the registration steps and we receive all the required assets, you will receive your campaign confirmation with the next steps from Kleer Message. 

POP SMS Sample:

SMS Example: Click here

Landing Page Example: Click here

STOP: Prepare these assets and read the instructions before you start


Assets Needed:

  1. Patient Mobile Number List: Please generate your patient mobile list in Excel or CSV format. Only include First Name and Mobile Number. Click here to download a patient list template. Please remove blank and duplicate records from the file before uploading. Please only include the mobile numbers of the patients who opted into receiving text messages from your office.

  2. Physician Bios, Headshots, & Logo: Prepare a physician bio (1500 characters max) and headshot for each participating physician. For campaigns that feature more than 3 physicians, only prepare one bio and one GROUP PHOTO. 

  3. Designate a Champion: The office champion will be the main point of contact to review and approve campaign proofs, and manage leads. If any other staff members would like to receive lead notifications and dashboard access, you may enter their emails during registration. 

Registration Steps:

Step 1 - Purchase POP SMS: Click on "Buy POP SMS" and a payment window will pop up. Please use the champion's email in the payment form. Once you have paid, return to this page to sign the BAA. 


The price includes up to 500 mobile numbers. Additional numbers will incur 10 cents per number and will be billed to the practice. 

Step 2 - Sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA): Click on "Sign a BAA", to go to the BAA page. Upon completion, you will receive a signed copy of the BAA via email. Once you have signed, return to this page to complete the final steps. 


Step 3 - Complete Two Forms: Click on "Complete Forms", to enter your practice info, physician bio/headshot, and upload your patient list.  

Important: Once you complete all three steps and we receive all the required assets, you will receive an email with the next steps. We will then prepare your campaign proofs for your review and approval. Your campaign proofs include one round of revision. Any additional revisions will incur additional fees. So it's important to complete the steps accurately. 

Payment Option:

Basic: All the assets uploaded at once - $600

1. All your assets must be uploaded online, including the patient list, bio, headshots, logo, etc. 

2. The patient list must be formatted per the template only to include First Name and Mobile Number. Click here to see the patient list template.

3. Uploaded info must be accurate. List format, missing items, or additional revisions and changes after submission will incur $150-$300 per revision/change. 

Premium: We help you with assets  - $900

1. Make a payment, sign BAA, and complete a short form

2. The Kleer Message team will source your headshots, bio, and logo from your website 

3. You may upload or email us your patient list in a raw format and we'll format it to fit the required template. 

4. One round of revision/change is included. 

Start Registration

Step 1 

Purchase POP SMS 

Step 2

Sign a BAA

Step 3- Premium Option

Complete One Short Form

Compete Form
Premium Form: Practice Info
Upload Patient List

Step 3- Basic Option

Complete Two Forms

Skip these forms if you purchased the Premium option

Compete Basic Forms

Basic Form 1:

Practice Info & Mobile Number List

Basic Form 2

Physician Bio & Headshots

Form 1: Practice info & Patient List
Upload Patient Mobile Number List
Basic Form 1
Form 2: Physician Bio & Headshots
Upload Physician One Headshot
Upload Physician Two Headshot
Upload Physician Three Headshot
Upload Group Photo
Basic Form 2

Campaign Timelines 

Campaign proofs will be drafted once the submission is complete.


A complete submission means:

  1. Payment submitted

  2. BAA signed

  3. Practice info + patient list submitted

  • Reps cannot submit on behalf of the practice 

  • Champion’s name, and email

  • Physician bio, practice logo, and physician images - If more than 3 physicians, submit a group photo. (Minimum 300 dpi required for Mailer)

  • The patient mobile number list must be submitted in the correct format. If the patient list is not in the correct format, it will be rejected. 

    • First name and mobile number only.

    • Patient lists sent by reps will not be opened. It will be deleted. Only the practice can submit the patient list AFTER the BAA is signed. 


Once the submission is complete, you will receive an email confirmation, and campaign development will begin. The campaign proofs and scrubbed list will be ready within 7 BUSINESS DAYS. 


Campaigns are launched on TUESDAYS ONLY. In order for a campaign to go live on Tuesday, the proofs and scrubbed patient list must be approved by EOD on the PRIOR THURSDAY. 

Changes to the campaign:

Any changes after submission or proof delivery will be billed to the practice at an hourly rate of $150/hr. This does not include changes as a result of errors by Kleer Message. 

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