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What is POP?

As a specially qualified Aerin Medical (AM) customer, Kleer Message (KM) is excited to offer you the Patient Outreach Program (POP), a premium marketing campaign designed to educate your patients about the benefits of VivAer® and RhinAer®.

Typical Campaign 

Mobile-friendly emails on all devices


Are You Ready to Register for POP?


In order to complete your registration: 

  1. Generate your patient list in Excel or CSV format, only include First Name and Email Address. Click here to download a patient list template. Please remove blank and duplicate records from the file before uploading.

  2. Once your patient list file is ready, complete the electronic signature of the Business Associate Agreement (BAA)

  3. Once you complete the BAA electronic signature, go to step 2 to upload your patient list. Lastely, add POP to your cart and pay. We will email you with next steps with one business day of completing all 3 steps.


Step 3: Upload You List, Logo, and Other Info

Run campaign for (pick one)
Upload Patient List

Click here to download a patient list template file

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Upload Physician Headshot
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